Why Choose A Knock Down Rebuild

If you love your location but no longer love your house, you have two options: to renovate or to knock down rebuild. While moving is another option, it certainly is a daunting task that could hurt the wallet. And you and your family have to adjust to a new environment. So, if you feel your hour house needs a total make-over, you might want to look at the two alternatives.

knock down rebuild

Sneak Peak at Renovation

A renovation can lift the look of your home. You can choose to renovate your house if…

1. You are tight on your budget.

You can surely do some minor renovations around the house if you do have just the right budget in installments. The renovation may not be completed overnight. But if it works easy on your wallet, then it is worth the long shot. This way, you can slowly make some home changes without worrying about all your other expenses.

2. You only make minor changes.

The best house builder Melbourne has today advises owners to have their houses inspected by experts before any construction projects. Professional builders from Latitude 37 recommend a knock down rebuild if the house is unsafe for residency. If found that your house has a good foundation and excellent wiring, a renovation can be your the solution to your blues.

3. You do want to stay at home.

If you are rebuilding a new house, you would have to look for another accommodation for a period of about a year. If you are doing small-scale renovations, you can stay in your house as long as you make it as safe as possible.

A Preview at Rebuilding a New House

Building a new house might seem initially overwhelming. And knocking down your old house can be emotionally stressful. But, you will not regret your decision once the project is complete. Here’s why.

1. You will spend less than anticipated.

A renovation may seem to cost relatively less expensive. But if you are opting for a full renovation, your expenses will essentially cost more per square meter compared to building a new house. If you are extending the size of your house or doing a large-scale renovation, you will spend about the same on renovation as starting from scratch.

2. You will get a new floor plan.

Once you renovate your house, you will bump into some problems such as integrating your new plans with the old house. But, if you opt to hire the best building services Melbourne has to offer, you will have a custom-made house that is suitable on the site. You will get a new floor plan, upgraded wiring and better amenities considering comfort and convenience at their highest.

3. Your house will have greater value.

A new house will have greater market value. With prices of houses and lots skyrocketing, a knock down rebuild is a wiser choice over buying a new house. If you think of reselling your house in the future, you can take it to the market for a higher value.

If you want to know more about your options of rebuilding a new house, look into Latitude 37 at The award-winning custom home builders also specialize in building home sloping site.

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