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"The mission of the Rockingham County Attorney's Office is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Rockingham County by providing justice professionally, effectively and efficiently."




















The County Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting most Felonies and all Misdemeanor Appeals that occur in Rockingham County. While the County Attorney is a constitutional officer, the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer for the State of New Hampshire.  The County Attorney's Office is responsible for and exercises general supervisory control over the enforcement and prosecution of the criminal laws of the State.  In Rockingham County, the County Attorney's Office prosecutes for 37 Police Departments, the Sheriff's Department, the New Hampshire State Police and various State agencies.

The County Attorney's Office continues to be proactive in providing assistance to police departments during the earliest stages of a case.  Prosecutors are available to answer questions from law enforcement regarding investigations and charging decisions.

The entire staff of the Rockingham County Attorney's Office are dedicated and compassionate professionals who are committed to the mission of this office.  The citizens of this County can be assured that the staff of this office serves them well. 



The County Attorney's Office has assumed complete responsibility for District Court prosecution under circumstances where the municipality pays the county for the associated cost to provide the service.  This is done because the County Attorney's Office does not provide district court prosecutors for all towns in Rockingham County. 



The County Attorney's Office has three full-time Victim/Witness Coordinators.  The Coordinators work primarily with victims of felonious crimes.  They provide information and assistance to people affected by crimes with compassion and professionalism.  Coordinators guide victims through the criminal justice process and work to ensure that the victim's rights are protected in accordance with RSA 21-m:8.

For more information:

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The investigators review all cases involving victims.  Additionally, they review and validate cases pending in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is used by law enforcement to locate defendants evading justice.  Other duties of the investigators include but are not limited to assisting law enforcement agencies in follow-up investigations, locating missing witnesses and conducting some interviews. 



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